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Setting Up Samba Server
·338 words·2 mins
System-Administration Linux Windows Samba
The ability to have files accessible from any device connected to the network is a great way to store and consume one’s data. For example, on my home network, I have a central basic Linux file server, which stores all my music, videos, pictures, etc, such that I can play my 250GB music collection on any of my other connected devices, such as my dekstop, tablet, and phone, without requiring massive storage for the files on each device, or have to worry about updating the collection on each device.
Permanently Mounting Disks in Linux
·322 words·2 mins
System-Administration Linux
Mounting a disk in Linux is a pretty basic task, really. All you need to do is figure where you want the files to show up in the local filesystem, and figure out the device ID of it.