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Using Cmder for MSVC development (in VSCode too!)
·456 words·3 mins
System-Administration Windows
You too can develop for MSVC without using the full Visual Studio IDE!


The Alternate Compilers of Windows
·1232 words·6 mins
Code Windows C/Cpp
While Microsoft’s MSVC may be synonymous with Windows development, there are others.
Jenkins Agent Service via Systemd
·232 words·2 mins
System-Administration Linux Windows
This describes getting Jenkins to run automatically on boot. While this can be reapplied more broadly, this is specifically about getting the Jenkins agents to run automatically on boot for Linux via systemd.


Setting Up Samba Server
·338 words·2 mins
System-Administration Linux Windows Samba
The ability to have files accessible from any device connected to the network is a great way to store and consume one’s data. For example, on my home network, I have a central basic Linux file server, which stores all my music, videos, pictures, etc, such that I can play my 250GB music collection on any of my other connected devices, such as my dekstop, tablet, and phone, without requiring massive storage for the files on each device, or have to worry about updating the collection on each device.